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Fitness and Relaxation at the Waldesruhe Hotel

Whether it be sport or wellness – you are greeted by unique views throughout the hotel!

A special training experience...

With cardio treadmill, bike, leg extension, leg curl, lat machine, biceps triceps machine, dumbbell selection, tower with 4 workout stations and stepper, you are already assured of an all-around balanced workout.


Those who prefer to train their endurance while swimming will find the opportunity to do so in the pool area, where an equally relaxing view of meadows and forests awaits you. Swim a few laps in the pool while already looking forward to the adjacent lounging area, which invites you to rest and linger.


Treat yourself to a time out for body &soul

Classic back massage
ca.20 min - 28,00 €

Aroma oil back massage (with fragrant oils of your choice)
ca.30 min - 38,00 €

(after a strenuous day of hiking or skiing a relief)
ca.30 min - 39,00 €
Emperor aroma-oil full body massage
(An experience for body, mind and soul)
ca.50 min - 69,00 €

Sensitive reflex<
(An aroma-oil back massage followed by a foot reflexology massage)
ca.50 min - 72,00 €

Foot reflex zone massage
(Stress symptoms can be alleviated)
ca.30 min - 42,00 €

Breuss massage
(Gentle treatment of the spine, relieves tension)
ca.30 min - 41,00 €

Breuss massage with a back massage
ca.50 min - 71,00 €

Ear candle treatment
(The ear candles provide a gentle cleansing of the inner ear combined with a soothing eardrum massage)
ca.30 min - 33,00 €

Time out
Face-head-neck-pampering massage
ca.30 min - 38,00 €

Hot stone massage with warm stones
ca.25 min - 36,00 €

Back Massage With warm stones and in addition an aroma back massage
ca.50 min - 68,00 €

Honey Massage
Honey is not only a delicious food, but finds in many cultures and since thousands of years, its place in the medicine. The whole organism is strengthened. The honey massage is by no means a relaxation treatment. By special pulling and plucking technique, the tissue and the metabolism are stimulated.
ca.30 min - 43,00 €

Acces Bars
Are 32 points on the head, which are assigned to the different areas of life. When things bother us or otherwise occupy us, our brain works in a very high frequency range. By gently touching the bars, they are activated, thus the brain comes to rest completely, without effort, a pleasant state of relaxation arises.
ca. 30 min - 43,00 €

Rest-relax-balance-well-being-enjoyment Massage appointments possible by appointment. Information and registration at the reception We would be happy to pamper you Your wellness team

Rest-relax-balance-well-being-enjoyment Massage appointments possible by appointment. Information and registration at the reception

We would be pleased to pamper you

Your wellness team

...& then come to rest.

Foot reflex area, experience shower, heat bench with backrest, bathrobes, towels and wellness slippers are always available for our guests.

You are welcome to enjoy our in-house drinking water source in the wellness and lobby area throughout the day.

As a guest of our hotel you can also use the wellness offer of the Hotel Fuggerhof free of charge at any time, which welcomes you with sauna, infrared cabin and wellness shower.